Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food In Kuala Lumpur: Goucho Grill, Chulan Square

Steer Tenderloin (RM95)
Last week we had dinner at an Argentinian's steak house, Goucho Grill with my SIL & family. As the restaurant is quite far from our house we had to leave early that night. My two boys were so excited when they heard that their cousin, Ezri was joining us for dinner that night.

At Chulan Square, you can either choose a valet parking service or you can easily pay RM3 and park at the back of the building, which we did. The decoration's are very nice, comfortable & inviting. I love their concept of cowboyish but very quite & private dining style. Very suitable for a romantic/quite dining.

I ordered the Steer Tenderloin, which comes  with a soup of the day & salad . I like the soup very much, it was potato mushroom soup & it was tasty. The salad, as I chose &  took them myself, of course was delicious.
Garlic Breads (RM8)
Potato Mushroom Soup
My tenderloin was tender & ok. I like my husband's La Boca more than mine. I guess it suited my taste more than the tenderloin.

La Boca (RM80)
Ezri's Fish &Chips (RM45)
These were the drinks we had that night. Very suprising, the first drink arrived 20 min after we finished the entree. Guess which drink came last?? Mine! :(

Strawberry M/Shake (RM 18)
Adam's RM15.50 Fresh Orange
My RM10 Coke
Cranberry Juice (RM15)

The boys were so excited over the bull outside the restaurant.

Goucho Grill
Block B, Lot 5, Chulan Square.

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