Monday, May 17, 2010

Food In Alor Star: Pekan Rabu

Pekan Rabu is a MUST go venue for my family and I, particularly because of the Bihun Sup Utara served at one of the restaurant, ‘Restoran Bamboo’. Well, even though my husband claimed that I’m the only one in the family whose crazy over the bihun sup, the real fact is both of my sons like it too (yeah, they do!). I really like the bihun sup because it has everything that I want in a soup. It has generous amount of beef, delicious soup, sambal to make it a bit more spicy (which I like), fries shallots, Chinese celery and … caipo (I think people call it lobak asin). It makes the soup tastes PERFECT.

Nowadays, I like to incorporate the ‘caipo’ in my soup, but the ‘caipo’ that I use is a bit different. I found out that there’s two type of ‘caipo’. I like the sweet ‘caipo’. It’s a bit more expensive, but it taste nice. Here is one super easiest dish I like to prepare using the sweet ‘caipo’.

Sweet ‘caipo’ cut into small sizes
Fried ikan bilis (about the same amount as the ‘caipo’)
Onion, sliced
Red & Green fresh chillies, sliced

*Heat the oil in the wok, add the onion. Put in’ caipo ‘and cook for about 3-4 min. Add in the rest of the ingredients and served. Do not add salt or sugar.

There’s another special kuih served here, it’s very popular in Kedah, The Pulut Sambal. My husband really like it. It’s made of glutinous rice (cooked with coconut milk) with the ‘serunding ikan’ and wrapped with banana leaf. My sons love it as well. As for me, well… I like everything that can be eaten…

Direction ? Opposite CIMB Bank big building. Car park there as well.

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