Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Food in Pahang : Fraser's Hill Pit Stop (Jalan Gap)

Need to remind those who never been to Fraser's Hill there's actually a timing when your can go up or down the hill. It is due to the road is quite small & ideally for one way only. Therefore a system was created long back to cater the traffic up & down the hills.

Odd hours/time is for going up the hill & vince versa. And it only last for 40minutes before the guard close the gate. Even though i know the times sometimes the traffic timing from Kuala Lumpur not right which resulting myself stuck at Jalan Gap.

But not to worry, if you unfortunately stuck at the GAP please relax at the small shop near the guardhouse. For muslims there's also a Surau nearby. Well, its enough to fill in empty stomach & also kill the time. Take the time to spend time with your love ones & also the kids. A burger with combination of hot teh tarik will do the trick since its already quite cold at the Jalan Gap. Excellent meal to kill the time.

by anaklangkawi

Friday, June 11, 2010

5th Anniversary

Finally I got my Rachel Allen's Bake! (After a year eyeing on it).. Thank you for those wonderful anniversary gifts.. A bouquet of flowers, a book n Krispy Kreme doughnuts... What else could I asked for... Bonne anniversaire mon petite prince.. Looking forward for our 10th..

Food in Perak: Tapah Resthouse - 1981 Restaurant

We often stopped at this resthouse, on the way back to KL from Alor Star (exit tapah using PLUS Highway). It brings back lots of nice memories to my husband, as this is the place my father in law used to bring the family to whenever they're around closeby area. The 1981 Restaurant provide a pleasant environment and nice ambient, so it's comforting after a tired journey. The food served is up to my expectation and price is affordable.

My husband ordered 'Nasi Goreng USA' or USA fried rice with fresh orange juice. The fried rice came with fried chicken, egg, fresh tomato and cucumber.

As for me, I ordered Chicken Chop and Teh Tarik. I know it's a strange combo, but hey, Im a Malaysian.. Teh Tarik is a MUST.
The Chicken Chop came with Fries, Coleslaw and some fresh salad.
The Teh Tarik is a bit strong and sweet, so I added warm water to my drink and it turned out great.

My kids loved the Chicken Fingers. As soon as they arrived, they ate them like they never had one before. As for Ammar, he did finish the mushroom soup, so it must taste nice as well.

Total spent: Fried rice, Chicken chop, 2 basket of chicken fingers, mushroom soup, 2 fresh orange juices and teh tarik --> less than RM 40

How to go ? The resthouse situated on a small hill.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food In Selangor : Big Plate, Subang

We always think that the journey to find good food always far & far away from where we live. But sometimes we're not aware that there are a lot of wonderful food nearby & sometimes it is just a few minutes drive from our home.

I always endure or love western food.To be is more specific for 'lambchop'. I must say that I'm a 'lambchop' lover. Whenever i heard or being recommend a great place to try lambchop I'll always on to it.

In Subang near the junction of Monteraz Golf Club there's actually a small shop lot of marvelous western food place called BIG PLATE. Its always among my favourite place to have my lambchop whenever i want to. The name of the Restaurant actually fits its dish. A big plate served with minimum of 3-4 pieces of lamb cutlet. With black paper souce & vege side dish. I always will come back home with a very full stomach.

Don't also forget to try the mushroom soup served in a bread (i dint know how to tell actually). The soup is a must try dish. My wife ordered Grilled Salmon which has a good presentation. But overall the taste is not as good as it looks. I ordered kiddies dish which was chicken cocktail with fries.

Location & Name : Big Plate near the junction of Golf Club Monteraz Subang

Price : A dish ranges from RM 15~18 (total for two person + 2 kids will be more than RM50 less than RM70).

Great Thing : Lambchop among the best & soup as well

Setback : Other dish not as good as it looks.

by anaklangkawi

How to go?

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food In Labuan : Labuan Evening Snack ~ Chicken Wing

Labuan is a small island but full of surprises. The most difficult part was to have good lunch during the day. But in the evening or at night there’s a lot of place to visit. Last time I’ve talk about Surrender Point chicken wing. But actually there’s another place closer to the town at Jalan Rancha-rancha in Kg Sg Keling.

This place was introduced by one of the contractor in Labuan. Not bad & I can it is at par with the chicken wing that I’ve been to in Surrender Point. The chicken was sweet & tender. I think they marinate It with honey. Nicely done.

Location: Can see from the roadside.
Price: RM2.00 per piece.
Nice Thing : Fast service.
Setback: Only tin can drink available.

p/s: Always look forward to go to Labuan due to this..

by anaklangkawi