Friday, September 4, 2009

Food In Vietnam : Ho Chi Min City ~ 4 Season Restaurant (Halal)

Last year during fasting month I've travel to Vietnam for a course conducted by my company. It was a great experience considering its fasting month & i need a place to 'break' fast at the unknown territory. Luckily before i depart i received a good tips on where to go & where to eat.

There's a place called Four Season Restaurant which is just a walking distance from my hotel. Its a halal Restaurant with excellent Beriani Rice + Selection of Chicken, Prawn or Meat. Marvelous meal especially when you are hungry. But i can tell you that its not that cheap but its value for money. You also might bump with Malaysian in the restaurant.

If you were there don't forget to drop by the nearby market to buy a pair of Vietnamese shoes. Do offer 1/2 of what they offered.

Sup Tulang Ketuk a.k.a Bonesteak

This is one of the dishes that reminds me of my mom's hometown, Singapore.. We used to eat this dish at the Beach Rd Hawker Centre. Yum.. I made this for dinner as it now became my husband favourite as well. I got the recipe from few aunts and cousins, and in the end with all of different versions in hands I got confused.. which one to follow.. which one is the most delicious... hehe... So, I decided to simply follow one recipe and adjusted it to my taste.. (thank God, it came out good). Here is the recipe (for 2kg):

Tulang kambing / Bonesteak 2kg
Rempah Sup / Soup Powder 5 tablespoons
Tomato sos / Ketchup <>1kg
Cili kering / dried chilli RM1
Bawang besar / Onion 5 (half blend & half cubes)
Bawang merah / shallots half a kg (blend)
Bawang putih / garlic 5 (blend)
Buah tomato /tomatoes 1kg (half blend & half cubes)
Rempah Beefsteak / beefsteak powder 3 tablespoons
Kicap manis / sweet soya sauce 2 tablespoons

What I normally do is, I cook the bonesteak with the soup powder and some ginger the night before. So in the morning all the excess oil and fats will floats, so it's easier to be removed (my husband's task). Then just add in all the ingredients, add sugar and salt to taste. As this recipe is a family recipe, I dont really have the exact measurement for each ingredients..

If you go to the mamak's at the Beach Rd, the bonesteak is very red in colour, as the use red colouring. So if you like, you can add some. If you dont, it will look like this ...

For decorations, you can add fried potato and shredded 'kobis'. For the remaining gravy, you can store in thye fridge for the next day, and add any type of mee in.

p/s: If you go to the Beach Rd Hawker Center, try Nasi Padang Seema and the sugar cane juice.. yum.....