Friday, April 30, 2010

Food In Kedah : Breakfast in Alor Setar 'Roti Canai'

It might not be fair to tell you this restaurant is have the best ‘roti canai’ in town, but I must admit it since I was young it is the best. The shop is situated in Jalan Sultanah or as local folks known as Jalan Day. The shop existed ages ago since I was young & still among the best restaurant in town famous for its ‘roti canai’ & ‘mee abu’.

Even my wife always looking forward to the simple round ‘roti canai’ every time we get back to Alor Setar. Sometimes I need to go as early as 8.00 am just to order take away breakfast nearly around 10-20 pieces of it. And normally it took nearly 30-45minutes just to get what the order & it was worst during weekend or school holidays.

The ‘roti’ was quite tender in the middle & crispy at the outer side of it. And it taste even better with a combination of curry + ‘kicap’ dipping. If you can see in the picture there’s small presence of black color dipping in the middle of the curry. That’s what makes it taste so tremendously marvelous.

I must say, I just can resist the ‘roti’ & normally I’ll just fill my time ordering the take away meal with a treat for myself of having one in the restaurant complete with a glass of ‘teh tarik’. Well, one thing for sure if you dine in the restaurant the waiting time to get the set will only take less than 5minutes.

Name Restaurant: Restoran Mee Abu

Location: Jalan Sultanah, Alor Setar. (Opposite RM4.00 car wash)

Setback: Waiting time for takeaway.

Where is it? Facing the Jalan Sultanah Road right side the Sultanah Bahiyah School.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food In Perlis : Light Snack ‘Laksa, Pasembor & Cucur Udang’ ~ Kuala Perlis

Up north in Kuala Perlis (a gateway from Mainland Malaysia to Langkawi Island) there’s a place where u can have light evening snack near the Kuala Perlis Jetty. The small shop situated opposite of the Kastam Diraja Malaysia Kuala Perlis. I must admit the place is quite famous among the Kuala Perlis folks as well as among people regularly going back & forth to Langkawi.

Among the famous dish is ‘cucur udang or crab’, ‘deep fried squid or prawn’, with its special sauce for dipping. Also please try & enjoy a dish of ‘laksa’ & ‘pasembor’. Quite simple dish but I can guarantee you it’s among the moment, dish & eating place that u’ll remember.

What else can I say apart from come here & try it yourself. Enjoy!!

Shop Name :- Restoran Nelayan

Phone Number (In-case u lost your way) : 017-5783007 Comel

p/s: Picture shows a thousand words.

by anaklangkawi

How to go? Its opposite Pejabat Kastam Kuala Perlis..

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