Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Food In Selangor : Sate Kajang Samuri - Malaysia's Famous Sate

For most of Malaysian, Sate Haji Samuri is among the favorites sate & establish ones. This sate was founded in Kajang & they have branches everywhere in Malaysia. But their main branch is at the hearth of Kajang.

They have ranges of sate from typical chicken, beef, lamb sate up to rare sate such as rabbit & deer sate. Well, they have quite a good reputation of being the most famous sate in Malaysia & as you can see the place was pack with people all around the Malaysia as well as tourist to taste this exquisite delicacy.

Long time back, the waiter tends to attend the customer but due to the crowd that they’ve change to self-service. The sate are thick & as for me the maximum number I can eat was only 10 sticks. More than that simply it means that I’m trying to finish it of to avoid wastageJ.

The typical sate was RM 0.60 per stick. The rare once cost about RM 1.80 per stick & Nasi Impit (side dish- steam rice+cucumber) will cost about RM 1.20 per plate. It is not complete to eat Sate without its dipping. The dipping was made of peanut & you need to mix it together with blending special source (quite hot for kids).

Location : Kajang, Selangor.

Price : Value for Money

Nice Thing : The best Sate ever in Malaysia

Set Back : Need to queue for order / Self-service

For those who visit Malaysia. This is a must place visit to taste the best sate in Malaysia.

by anaklangkawi

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