Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Food In Johor : Mandella Seafood ~ Tanjung Bin, Pontian

Few months ago, i went for a site work in Tanjung Bin Johor. Well, honestly i don't know what in stored for me there especially the foods. As usual, i started talking around where can i get good food especially near Tg Bin where i had to work. Some of the local recommended me to go to Mandela Seafood.

Actually i've noticed the signboard while I'm on my way to the plant. The name of the place doesn't attract my attention because it gave me an impression that its an African Restaurant or a bar in the middle of the estate. After several recommendation I've told myself to give it a try.

The journey from the junction took quite a while. The restaurant surprisingly located in the middle of the palm plantation. It took around 10 minutes drive from the main road. But the journey paid off when finally i arrived at the decent restaurant surrounded by several houses & palm plantation.

I arrived around 6:00 o'clock. There's a small old Surau nearby with limited amenities. Well at least i can do my Asar prayer there. As usual i ordered my favourite dish which is 'Ikan Siakap Masak 3 Rasa' (3 Flavoured Fish) & sotong goreng tepung (deep fried squid). Together with some vegetables & their famous dish which is 'Tomyam Udang'.

There were two of us & at 1st I've planned to order one tomyam each. But luckily the waiter told me that the portion of 1 Tomyam was big enough for 3 person to eat.

The food was good. I really like the squid & the tomyam. Its quite a lot. I think next time if I'm planning to come here i need to ensure I'm really hungry due to its large portion of food.

Restaurant Name :- Mandella Seafood.

Place :- On the way to Kukup at Tg Bin Area be aware of Mandela Seafood signboard yellow in Color. Its on the left of the road. Don't be surprise the journey from the main road going inside will be quite challenging especially if you are travelling at night.

Price :- Quite cheap considering large portion of tomyam & large fish given.

Setback :- Make sure you go at night. Surrounding areas not really eye catching.
For Muslims, there's a Surau nearby.


  1. Dear folk,

    Just in case you need to call Mandella Seafood- here goes - Mandella Tom Yam Seafood, 47, Kampung Permas Kelapa, 82300 Kukup, Pontian, Johor - +607-6969516 or call the manager, Ahmad Othman bin Abu Talib @ 012-7695017! He he he...I even yet to be there but got this contact number from a taxi guy in UTM Skudai - Tuan Zul Sapri. Call him if you need a cab in UTM/Skudai area @ 019-7286034.

  2. Kejap lagi nak makan kat Mandela, tiap2 kali kami datang ke rumah kakak ipar kat Pontian, pasti kami tak lepaskan peluang makan di sana

  3. yeah me too.. its really a large portion for one person... so be careful when you order the rice, seafood make sure if you come 5-6 person just order for 2-3 person... i've experience it once.. where all the food were wasted.

  4. Ni yg buat nk gi Pontian lg ni.. :)