Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Food in Kedah: Jetty One, Kuala Kedah

Situated nearly at the end of Kuala Kedah road, is one of the must visit place whenever I get back to Kedah. The Jetty One Restaurant situated at the edge of the Sungai Kedah river. Its among the best Chinese Seafood in town which already been in operation for the last 15 years.

Among the best dishes are “Ikan Bawal Putih Masak Asam Pedas”, “Udang Lipan Masak Cili Kering” & "Sotong Goreng Tepung". The rest of the dish is also recommended but those I mentioned above is a must ordered dishes whenever my family have dinner at the restaurant.

From Kuala Kedah to Jetty One will only take about 5 minutes drive.

The owner is very friendly & already regards us as regular customer. Price wise? I must say it’s quite expensive but I think it’s due to all the dish is freshly made from newly caught fish.
Location : Kuala Kedah, End of the Road
Price : Quite Expensive but worth it.
Nice Thing : Friendly owner makes you feel welcome.
Set Back : Be aware for mosquito bites.

by anaklangkawi

Where is this place? At Kuala Kedah Jetty..

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