Monday, November 22, 2010

Food in Sarawak : Lalapan Muara Restoran Ayam Penyet, Miri

I always find it quite difficult to find a good place to eat in Miri Sarawak. Although there's a lot of places to eat but quite few have a taste which suit my needs. Then there was I, venturing to a new place, situated quite near to the hotel I was staying (Megahotel). From what I know the place is a branch restaurant from the main restaurant which situated further down south. There place was recommended by my client & I can tell you its worth a try.

Well, its quite simple dish of 'ayam penyet', fresh vege & sambal belacan. The place almost full house everyday & what I can tell is, it worth the wait for a seat.

Place : North Yu Seng Road

Greatthing : Simple yet delicious meal.

Setback : Belacan's smell will lingers for a while :)

How to go? Its on the stretch of Jalan North Yu Seng..

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Food in Melaka : Breakfast in R&R Ayer Keroh

I used to travel outstation, sometimes daily. It goes as far as Johor Bahru or even Terengganu in a daily trip. I need to wake up very early in the morning & after Subuh prayers the journey starts. Well, one thing for sure there's a breakfast stop which i look forward to. An hour journey from KL there's R&R near Ayer Keroh.

At the R&R there's a stall named Highway Cafe which offer simple but quite tasty breakfast. Its just a set of toast (roti bakar) with Kaya inside (made from eggs & coconut milk) & 2 half boiled egg plus a choice of your favourite hot drink.

This simple yet tasty breakfast only cost me RM 5.00 per set. What can i say, it's a great meal to start my day.

Place : PLUS Highway R&R Ayer Keroh

Price : RM 5.00 for a set.

Setback : Quite a lot of people (pit stop for tourist buses & lorries as well)

Best thing : Simple yet healthy breakfast & feel like a homemade breakfast.

by Anak Langkawi

How to go? .. Refer below.. (outbound traffic to Johor side)

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Food in Langkawi : Kueteow Goreng (Fried Kueteow) Padang Matsirat Warung

Who says that street ’warung’ taste is not good or great. Well this confirmed when I went to Padang Matsirat or Beras Terbakar a usual shopping place for shoppers especially women. While my wife went shopping I had to entertain my two little hyper kids (maybe because they have a pleasant evening prior to that).

Well Ammar is very selective with regards to the food he takes. Just to kill the time I just bring a long the kids to this small warung near the parking lot. As usual I ordered ‘teh tarik’, milo ais for the kids & a plate of koteow goreng. Surprisingly Ammar ask for it & cant stop eating it even though it's quite spicy. One thing for sure he’s quite fond to some spice on the food.

We’ll at least I’m not worried about dinner for him that night.

Place : Parking lot in Padang Matsirat near Beras Terbakar

by anaklangkawi

Where is it? The warung situated near the parking space of Beras Terbakar.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food In Johor : Pontian - Evening Pisang Goreng 'Panas'

‘Pisang Goreng’ is a typical snack evening meal in Malaysia. On the way from Kukup to Pontian near the shortcut junction to JB there’s this one small ‘warung’ selling crispy Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritter), fried mushroom & ‘su kun goreng’. The place is situated just beside the road.

I always, try to make the place as a compulsory 'snack stop' whenever I get back from work in that area. The sauce is typically Johorean type where they used a soy sauce + with small cutting chili. A combination of this dipping with the Pisang goreng was nearly perfect combination. It gives a sweet (due to banana) with hot spicy taste (dipping). An excellent combination which makes you crave for more.

It normally open at 4.00 pm & by 6.00 pm all the delicious snacks will be cleared. It’s not a surprise looking how such a simple snack attracts a lot of passer by.

Place : On the road from Kukup left hand side. Near the shortcut junction to JB.

Price : Cheap

Setback : Don’t be late. Limited supplies.. :)

Best Thing : Such a good place to have a snack after a hard work.

by anaklangkawi

How to go? Its at the junction near Jalan Tenggayun.

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