Monday, December 27, 2010

Food in Kuala Lumpur: Dinner Up in the Sky ~ Restoran Berputar Menara KL

My company situated very near to the KL Tower. Even though I see the tower everyday honestly I don’t have the urge & temptation to go up the tower. Probably due to I’m not a fan of heights.

On several occasion I’ve missed out family dinner held on the Tower Restaurant. But then I was lucky when my boss decided to held a dinner in conjunction of a training done in our office. Since it was the 1st time the trainer come to Malaysia so it was a good moved by having the dinner at the prestiged tower.

So we went there by driving & actually there’s some parking space right below the tower. Please do drive up because if you think you want walk from the main road I will take you about 15-20min walk (I think).

Anyway, at the Tower Restaurant there are two choices of meal which were buffet & ala carte. To cut the hassle of ordering stuff we decided to go for the buffet. The best thing about the restaurant was the surrounding ambient & view from the above was magnificent. You can see clearly Kuala Lumpur from above.

The buffet choice variety was not as much as nearby hotels. It’s divided between western food & local food. Starters were quite ok & dessert station was marvelous.

One thing for sure the area where people seated (restaurant table) was moving . You won'tt feel it but it does moves around. So after a couple of minute you’ll have a different view of Kuala Lumpur. Fascinating.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Food In Subang : Cendol & Pasembor ~ Warung

Cek kalau balik lalu Subang mesti singgah disini. Tempat ni agak 'simple' & ringkas. Makanan yg ada pun nak kata sedap sgt tak jugak tapi bolehla sekadar nak hilangkan tekak kering petang lepas kerja. Maklumlah kerja byk berjalan-jalan. Kadang-kadang berenti la jugak memandangkan tak tahan tgk ramai org berenti lepak disini.

Warung ni tepi jalan, makanan dia pulak hanya beberapa jenis. Salah satunya adalah pasembor & cendol. Pada cek okla. Kalau nak mai carilah Petronas Subang Airport.

Tempat ni selalunya jadi 'port' pemandu forwarding agent @ org-org marketing pelbagai bangsa.
Singgah jgn tak singgah..

Lokasi : Berdekatan Petronas Subang Airport.

Harga : Murah 4/5

Makanan : 3/5 Murah & sedap terutama kalau baru balik kerja.

Suasana : 3/5 Agak panas sebab tepi jalan. Tapi relex la sebab Tuan gerai tak halau.. Hehhe

*cek (panggilan nama utk saya utk org Kedah)

By anak langkawi

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food In Terengganu: Sotong goreng tepung, Kemaman

Warung tepi jalan ni memang terkenal dgn sotong goreng tepungnya. Kat Ganu ni, sotong goreng tepung, ikan kembung goreng, kepok lekor, bebola & laksa memang dimakan waktu petang. Setiap hari ada dijual dimana2. So, bila kami lalu jalan ni utk ke Cherating, kami singgah jap. Memang sedap & rangup.

Dulu masa tinggal kat Paka adela risik2 resepi ni dari makcik kedai lain. Pernah cuba, jadi la jugak, tp dah jarang buat sejak dah x duk Ganu.

Kalau air plak, yang famous kat sini memang la air nyior. Lagi la air nyior susu. Kalau kat pasar mlm ade coconut shake, dulu RM1 je satu cup, sekarang tak pasti.

Simpang nak ke kedai ni tricky sikit. Ni pandangan kalau dari Kemaman nak ke Dungun. Masuk simpang kiri ni bila nampak signboard Kg Meraga Beris.

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Kalau tak tau jugak. Email me..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food In Langkawi: Medan Selera Nelayan, Jln Bukit Malut

This restaurant is another must go place every time we go back to Langkawi. They serves Malay-style seafood using all very fresh ingredients. It's situated by the river at Jalan Bukit Malut.

The foods are delicious & worth the trip (every time). There's one problem though, I'm not sure why, but they took quite a while to serve the food (everytime). So, make sure u had light snack before u come to this restaurant. Other than that, nothing to complaint.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food in Johor : Mee Udang / Prawn Noodle; Tanjung Langsat

At the end of Pasir Gudang there's this place called Tanjung Langsat. Its at the end of Pasir gudang Industrial area & there is where recently our beloved Prime Minister official launched Technip's biggest subsea facility in South East Asia. Well, most people dont know there's a great place to have mee udang just near the place. The place is near to the left facing Technip.

The small restaurant/ warung situated by the sea . It has among the best Mee Udang I've ever tasted. The portion of the Mee Udang was quite a lot & it just costed me RM 4.50 for a dish.

Place : Tg Langsat

Thing I like the Most : Simple yet delicious meal with low cost :)

Setback : Sometimes open sometimes not.. Need to try my luck.

How to go?

Unfortunately i cannot tell you how to get there due to google map not yet register that place. But what i can tell you if you're going towards the end of Tg Langsat you'll meet a T-Junction which you can see Technip on the right & on the left there's a small road towards a village. The restaurant is in the village on the seaside. (The green marker shows where the end of the road)

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by Anak Langkawi

Monday, November 22, 2010

Food in Sarawak : Lalapan Muara Restoran Ayam Penyet, Miri

I always find it quite difficult to find a good place to eat in Miri Sarawak. Although there's a lot of places to eat but quite few have a taste which suit my needs. Then there was I, venturing to a new place, situated quite near to the hotel I was staying (Megahotel). From what I know the place is a branch restaurant from the main restaurant which situated further down south. There place was recommended by my client & I can tell you its worth a try.

Well, its quite simple dish of 'ayam penyet', fresh vege & sambal belacan. The place almost full house everyday & what I can tell is, it worth the wait for a seat.

Place : North Yu Seng Road

Greatthing : Simple yet delicious meal.

Setback : Belacan's smell will lingers for a while :)

How to go? Its on the stretch of Jalan North Yu Seng..

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Food in Melaka : Breakfast in R&R Ayer Keroh

I used to travel outstation, sometimes daily. It goes as far as Johor Bahru or even Terengganu in a daily trip. I need to wake up very early in the morning & after Subuh prayers the journey starts. Well, one thing for sure there's a breakfast stop which i look forward to. An hour journey from KL there's R&R near Ayer Keroh.

At the R&R there's a stall named Highway Cafe which offer simple but quite tasty breakfast. Its just a set of toast (roti bakar) with Kaya inside (made from eggs & coconut milk) & 2 half boiled egg plus a choice of your favourite hot drink.

This simple yet tasty breakfast only cost me RM 5.00 per set. What can i say, it's a great meal to start my day.

Place : PLUS Highway R&R Ayer Keroh

Price : RM 5.00 for a set.

Setback : Quite a lot of people (pit stop for tourist buses & lorries as well)

Best thing : Simple yet healthy breakfast & feel like a homemade breakfast.

by Anak Langkawi

How to go? .. Refer below.. (outbound traffic to Johor side)

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Food in Langkawi : Kueteow Goreng (Fried Kueteow) Padang Matsirat Warung

Who says that street ’warung’ taste is not good or great. Well this confirmed when I went to Padang Matsirat or Beras Terbakar a usual shopping place for shoppers especially women. While my wife went shopping I had to entertain my two little hyper kids (maybe because they have a pleasant evening prior to that).

Well Ammar is very selective with regards to the food he takes. Just to kill the time I just bring a long the kids to this small warung near the parking lot. As usual I ordered ‘teh tarik’, milo ais for the kids & a plate of koteow goreng. Surprisingly Ammar ask for it & cant stop eating it even though it's quite spicy. One thing for sure he’s quite fond to some spice on the food.

We’ll at least I’m not worried about dinner for him that night.

Place : Parking lot in Padang Matsirat near Beras Terbakar

by anaklangkawi

Where is it? The warung situated near the parking space of Beras Terbakar.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Food In Johor : Pontian - Evening Pisang Goreng 'Panas'

‘Pisang Goreng’ is a typical snack evening meal in Malaysia. On the way from Kukup to Pontian near the shortcut junction to JB there’s this one small ‘warung’ selling crispy Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritter), fried mushroom & ‘su kun goreng’. The place is situated just beside the road.

I always, try to make the place as a compulsory 'snack stop' whenever I get back from work in that area. The sauce is typically Johorean type where they used a soy sauce + with small cutting chili. A combination of this dipping with the Pisang goreng was nearly perfect combination. It gives a sweet (due to banana) with hot spicy taste (dipping). An excellent combination which makes you crave for more.

It normally open at 4.00 pm & by 6.00 pm all the delicious snacks will be cleared. It’s not a surprise looking how such a simple snack attracts a lot of passer by.

Place : On the road from Kukup left hand side. Near the shortcut junction to JB.

Price : Cheap

Setback : Don’t be late. Limited supplies.. :)

Best Thing : Such a good place to have a snack after a hard work.

by anaklangkawi

How to go? Its at the junction near Jalan Tenggayun.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food In Langkawi: Telaga Harbour

I love this location.. What not to love about it? Nice scenery, beautiful luxury boats & plenty of food. This is a nice place to snap some pictures & just relax (after the tiring whole day shopping spree) . The picture below is Tun's 'The Loaf'. I like the selections of bread here, but there's also other food and I've once had a breakfast here. Had a very nice family breakfast and I just love their breads.

Mare Blu Cafe
We chosed to dine here that night. My husband ordered lamb shank, I had salmon and the kids had spaghetti with clams. They were okay, everybody finished their food except the kids. They were so shocked when their food arrived as it was full with clams..

How to go there?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food In Langkawi: Restoren Pak Hj. Ya Nasi Ayam

The first time my husband told me there's a very delicious chicken rice restaurant here in Pekan Kuah , I was so excited. The first time we went there, they're sold out (around 3pm). The next trip to Langkawi we determined to go there early. We're in luck!

As you can see the restaurant is very simple and more like coffee shop- style.

After the food arrived, I was speechless... Really..! Where's the chili sauce? After 1 spoonful, I was surprised.. It actually tasted delicious.. A very different style of chicken rice, I'd say. You SHOULD try it!!

How to go there?

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Food in Langkawi: Hole in The Wall, Sungai Kilim

This floating restaurant is a great stop after a few hours of eagle watching, bat cave exploring & boating activity. To get here, you can go with the tour package at the Sungai Kilim Jetty or if you plan just to hv lunch or dinner at the restaurant, call the number below, & the restaurant will send a boat for you FOC (how great is that). It only take 7 minutes from jetty to the restaurant.

Here, you can select your own fresh seafood & while the chefs are doing their magic, you can kill time by visiting & even feed somec ollections of fish just a few steps away (seriously, you'll be amazed).

The foods are delicious, as it's very fresh and worth a trip.

Hole In The Wall Restaurant & Fish Farm For lunch & dinner reservations : 012-5620015

At the feeding area, you can watch Langkawi's White Bellied Sea Eagles & Brahminy Kite Eagles flying quite at a close range. They're so beautiful (I never actually like bird watching before, so it's a nice experienced for me).

The bat cave is quite interesting as well. It's quite scary though. Before we went there I never thought that I hv to through a cave where'shundreds, or even thousands of bats are hanging all over it (kindda stupid, huh) & the smell... I'm glad I didn't know though, I'd hv had a second thought, & might not even went. So, I'm so proud that I've made it, even if I just stayed in the cave for less than 5 min..

How to go there?
- Need to go to Kg Kilim. Then there's a small road towards the river. You need to ride a boat to the restaurant.. Have FUN!

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