Thursday, February 6, 2014

Food in Korea: Busan (Sept 2012 Autumn) 1

The View from the inside of Restaurant
Assalamualaikum  & Hello..

First entry after a looong break. I will try to post all pending entries on previous trips. So here we go.. 

Last Sept (2012), me & my kids (6y.o,4y.o & 5months old) followed my husband to Korea. Never ever thought I will visit this country. Fell in love with the country after 10 days stayed. First stop was Busan or Pusan. Great food! All 3 nights, accompanied by Malaysian's friends, we indulged the colourful & delicious local food. 

The first restaurant was close to the hotel (Paradise Hotel, Haeundae Beach) at the Haeundae Market area. We had hamuel pajeon ( seafood pancake), a flour & egg batter pour onto seafood like octopus, mussels & prawns with lots of scallion --> A MUST TRY. Dip in a soya sauce, a simple dish, yet so delicious.  (Upper right 1st pic)

(Left column pic): sweet peanuts, tofu & kimchi (right column pic): hamuel pajeon & hamuel tang

My husband's fav would be the seafood soup (hamuel tang). Simple soup with korean chili paste, seafood (mussels, crabs, prawns & again octopus), seaweed, enoki mushroom and some vegies . It was tasty to eat together with sticky rice & all the side dishes incl kimchi. In korea, they usually drink cold plain water (even in the cold weather) but of course other drinks are available upon request.

The restaurant lady preparing the delicious hamuel tang

The yummy side dishes
 Nowadays,  we occasionally go for a Korean dinner in Shah Alam (Gangnam Restaurant). 
Thanks to Faisal who introduced us to our first local meal in Busan.