Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Food In Melaka : Umbai ~ Ikan Bakar Seafood

This is among my favourite place to have great seafood with quite cheap price. Umbai is situated 30km from Bandar Melaka. If you're coming from Johor/ Singapore you need to go out from exit Jasin or Tangkak. Its about 20-30minutes or 35-30km from the toll exit.

Its a worth while exit for a great cheap tasty dinner. Umbai is famous of its 'Ikan Bakar' + with a touch of small nasi lemak. Among my favourite place is Muara Ikan Bakar. Its the 1st shop near the souvenir shop. If you can see the picture i attached, the wholesome meal with 3 of us only cost about RM 120.00 inclusive of drinks.

I can say its value for money meal, plus its not that far from Bandar Melaka. If you like to taste great food. Better try & find this place.

Restaurant Name :- Muara Ikan Bakar

Place :- Umbai - Exit Tangkak, you'll have to meet Merlimau first. Its a small town near the sea.

Price :- Quite cheap with such a fresh & great meal. Make sure you go empty stomach.

For Muslims, there's a Surau nearbys & RM1.00 parking fee.
By anaklangkawi

How to go there? Its near to Melaka town. You need to go through a small road opposite Esso Station. Need to park with a fee of RM1.00 collected by the local village.

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