Friday, June 11, 2010

Food in Perak: Tapah Resthouse - 1981 Restaurant

We often stopped at this resthouse, on the way back to KL from Alor Star (exit tapah using PLUS Highway). It brings back lots of nice memories to my husband, as this is the place my father in law used to bring the family to whenever they're around closeby area. The 1981 Restaurant provide a pleasant environment and nice ambient, so it's comforting after a tired journey. The food served is up to my expectation and price is affordable.

My husband ordered 'Nasi Goreng USA' or USA fried rice with fresh orange juice. The fried rice came with fried chicken, egg, fresh tomato and cucumber.

As for me, I ordered Chicken Chop and Teh Tarik. I know it's a strange combo, but hey, Im a Malaysian.. Teh Tarik is a MUST.
The Chicken Chop came with Fries, Coleslaw and some fresh salad.
The Teh Tarik is a bit strong and sweet, so I added warm water to my drink and it turned out great.

My kids loved the Chicken Fingers. As soon as they arrived, they ate them like they never had one before. As for Ammar, he did finish the mushroom soup, so it must taste nice as well.

Total spent: Fried rice, Chicken chop, 2 basket of chicken fingers, mushroom soup, 2 fresh orange juices and teh tarik --> less than RM 40

How to go ? The resthouse situated on a small hill.

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