Friday, September 4, 2009

Food In Vietnam : Ho Chi Min City ~ 4 Season Restaurant (Halal)

Last year during fasting month I've travel to Vietnam for a course conducted by my company. It was a great experience considering its fasting month & i need a place to 'break' fast at the unknown territory. Luckily before i depart i received a good tips on where to go & where to eat.

There's a place called Four Season Restaurant which is just a walking distance from my hotel. Its a halal Restaurant with excellent Beriani Rice + Selection of Chicken, Prawn or Meat. Marvelous meal especially when you are hungry. But i can tell you that its not that cheap but its value for money. You also might bump with Malaysian in the restaurant.

If you were there don't forget to drop by the nearby market to buy a pair of Vietnamese shoes. Do offer 1/2 of what they offered.

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