Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food In Taiwan : Taichung Food (Halal)

December 2009 i was assigned to conduct a survey in Taichung Taiwan. Well, the place is situated about 175km from Taipei but its only 45minutes ride using the High Speed Train.

Getting to this place was totally challenging especially when dealing with food. Well, i was quite lucky to have eaten at KLIA airport & also some heavy lunch in the 4 hours flight.

I arrived at Holiday Inn Express with empty stomach & very hungry. To make it worst there is no halal place nearby, no fast food nearby (walking distance) & the city was totally alien to me. So i open my laptop & browse for Halal Food. Lucky me that i found several places serving halal food.

That day, with the help of the Internet i managed to get a Halal Restaurant which is about 10minutes drive by taxi. Its a simple small restaurant called Little India or Kohinoor. Its the same restaurant. Its only just 8 tables all together. The beriani rice portion was quite big for 1 person to eat. But surprisingly i manage to finish it. Hungry i guess.

The owner was quite friendly talk little bit story about Taiwan & how it is different from China. I really acknowledge his hospitality on serving customers. :)

Restaurant Name :- Little India
Place :- 60, BoGuan 3rd St., Taichung TEL : (04) 2326-1425
Price :- Total about RM 40-50 for a Lamb Beriani & Tea.
Great Thing :- Owner have time to chit-chat
Setback :- Quite hard to find the place.

The next day, i tried another restaurant nearby this Little India which is called BollyWood. This restaurant is halal however it also sell Liquor & beer. There's a lot westerners enjoying their meals there & its a good place for business meeting & friends gathering from what i see. The decor finishing inside the premise is quite interesting. The decoration really nice which resembles the name of the restaurant.
I ordered, lamb beriani & mango lasi. What can i say, two days in the row eating beriani. By not having proper lunch that day resulting a quite full meal. But the mango lasi was great.

Restaurant Name :- BollyWood
Place :- Nearby Little India (walking distance)
Price :- RM 50-70 Lamb Beriani, Lasi
Great Thing :- Interesting Decoration
Setback :- A lot of customer.
Tips : How can i managed to get to this place despite eventhough i do not speak Mandarin. The tip is simple, just call the restaurant & ask the taxi driver to talk to them. You'll be there in no time. :).
by anaklangkawi

How to go there ?
These two restaurant is very near to each other..

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  1. How about that Denali Satee Park Chicken? I love it!

  2. Hi george.
    where is it? will try it if i go there again