Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food In Perlis : Light Snack ‘Laksa, Pasembor & Cucur Udang’ ~ Kuala Perlis

Up north in Kuala Perlis (a gateway from Mainland Malaysia to Langkawi Island) there’s a place where u can have light evening snack near the Kuala Perlis Jetty. The small shop situated opposite of the Kastam Diraja Malaysia Kuala Perlis. I must admit the place is quite famous among the Kuala Perlis folks as well as among people regularly going back & forth to Langkawi.

Among the famous dish is ‘cucur udang or crab’, ‘deep fried squid or prawn’, with its special sauce for dipping. Also please try & enjoy a dish of ‘laksa’ & ‘pasembor’. Quite simple dish but I can guarantee you it’s among the moment, dish & eating place that u’ll remember.

What else can I say apart from come here & try it yourself. Enjoy!!

Shop Name :- Restoran Nelayan

Phone Number (In-case u lost your way) : 017-5783007 Comel

p/s: Picture shows a thousand words.

by anaklangkawi

How to go? Its opposite Pejabat Kastam Kuala Perlis..

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