Saturday, August 29, 2009

Food In Labuan : R & R Japanese Surrender Point

Few months ago, i went on a work trip to Labuan. After having a hectic day, i went with my friend to visit The Surrender Point.

The Surrender Point is where the Japanese army formally surrendered during WWII. Three months after the Allied forces landed on 9th Sep 1945, Major General George F.Wooten, commander of the Austarlian 9th Division presided & witnessed the formal signing of the letter of surrender by Lieutenant General Masao Baba, commander of the 37th Japanese Army. In the ensuing two years until 1947, this area served as the HQ for Australian 9th Division army & the command center for Allied forces in British Borneo. It was also a detention center investigating the heinous crimes & immoral conducts commintted by the Japanese army during the war. War tribunals were regularly held here to trial & execute Japanese army personnel suspected of war crimes.

I spend nearly an hour wandering around reading & trying to figure out what is the history behind the contruction of the big wall. Thank god for all the history lessons written at various point of the places. At the end of the visit we came across a small R&R (rest & relax) area. There's a small snack shop with an open space concept where there's a quite number of crowd gathered.

We managed to get a seat & started to order small evening snack which consists of a bunch of Sate, Chicken Wings & Teh Tarik. Excellent meal indeed with a calm breeze of wind gasping the ears. We end up ordering 10 chicken wings & 20 sticks of sate (beef & chicken).

I must say it was among the best evening snack i've ever had.

Place :- The Surrender Point ~ Labuan

Price :- RM 0.50 per stick for Sate, RM 1.50 for Chicken Wing & RM 1.00 for a Teh Tarik

Where is it? It overseeing the beach..

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