Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food in Johor - Tg Langsat ~ Lunch

I travel a lot due to work requirement. Every time i travel i'll make sure to find an interesting place to eat. I'll either ask my client or just drive around & follow the crowds.

There's one place in Tg Langsat which have a very simple dish yet interesting. Its a deep fried fish with 'kicap manis' & sambal dip. Very simple dish but delicious. Pricing wise was quite ok for an empty stomach.

The thing is the place is quite far inside & i dont think someone can even find the place unless someone brings you in.

Restaurant Name :- Kedai Makan Rahmat

Price :- Average (can't remember the price)

I was force to start writing my food experience by beebsz. (hope this article will shut her up)

How to go? Its near the river end of the road.

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