Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food In Kedah : Kulim ~ Restaurant Pokok Manggis

Last year in July my family together with my parents went for a trip to Southern part of Kedah. The reason being was to get my parents land title for a piece of land in Langkawi. To my surprised, the only place where we can get this document was in Pejabat Tanah Kulim.

So the journey begins early in the morning. Not so morning though due to the fact that the kids woke up late. Anyhow, my parents got what they wanted. Then come the best part of the day which was looking for a place to eat. I decided to stop at a small restaurant which looked very cosy under a big tree. There's a big 'Restoran Pokok Manggis' signboard infront of me, which at te moment i wonder where's the 'Manggis Tree'.

The restaurant was quite full which leave me no choice but to park at the back of it. Oh... Finally it makes sense why the restaurant got the name. There's a big mangoesteen tree at the back & its sure look furtile. Unfortunately there's no fruit on, probably its not yet the season.

We order 4 main dishes which were mixed vege, fried egg, deep fried squid & black paper deer meat. Quite delicious meal especially the black paper deer meat, but its quite spicy & hot for the kids. Probably next time i should ask for different style of cooking.

Its definitely a place for me to drop by some other time.

After that heavy meal my mom asked to drop by a place where this teacher selling turkey (got that adv from Eventhough he's doing it parttime in front of his house but i think the $$ he got from selling these birds were even more than his basic salary. He's told me that the chicks were sell for RM 30.00 per bird & the mother was sold at RM 70.

The offer was soo tempting for my mother which end up buying about 20 turkeys to bring back. Well its quite interesting & challenging to bring back the 'turkey' but all were safely reached my parents' 'kebun' at the end of the day...

By Anaklangkawi

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