Friday, August 7, 2009

Ammar's 1st Birthday Dinner

We had our family (my husband's side) come over for a simple dinner that night (July 29th). I prepared some simple dishes, and I started cooking in the morning then on and off, continued whenever the kids were busy playing or watching tv (when they forgot abt me). I consult my cooking expert a.k.a the head chef.. my mother by the phone the day b4...
So here are the dishes I prepared, my version of Ikan Siakap tiga
rasa and ikan bawal putih(ponfret) asam pedas, bok choi a.k.a sawi jepun (as my mom call it), urap pegaga (Johor style, yes... I'm a Johorean), sup tulang and udang geragau goreng (you can only get this prawn, fresh not dried, in Malacca, as far as I know ..).

For those who wants to try the urap pegaga, here's the recipe:

*ulam pegaga with roots
*Fresh red chilies
*dried prawn/anchovies ( i used dried prawn)
*fresh grated coconut

  • Blend all the ingredients except the coconut.

  • Cook on a medium heat, add the coconut and salt.
  • You hv to keep stir it around until the coconut dried up a little bit, actually the wetness or dryness is up to u. I dont really like the coconut to be too dry.. so it's up to u really. turn off the heat and remove it into a bowl.

  • Cut the pegaga and just toss it in the coconut.

Recipe for 'fried udang geragau':

Actually it's really up to you how you want the udang geragau to be done. For me, one of the way that I like is:

onion/shallots, spring onions, chopped cili padi/ red chilli, egg, udang geragau.
Combine everything in a bowl, put in the udang last, add salt and pepper to taste. Fry them.

That night, my eldest son kept making excuses for wanting to open his lil bro's presents (it's getting late, he's going to sleep soon.. hehe..), at that moment I realised that he IS getting bigger and smarter.. hehe.. As for the birthday boy, he had fun that night, playing with his cousins and his new toys ( thanks to his aunts & uncles)... he went to bed around 1.30am that night .

On Saturday, we had our family (JB side) gathering at my parent's for Ammar's bday.. This time we had tea, so my mum and I decided to prepare 'bihun soto' (basically it's chicken bihun sup with bergedel, beansprout, spring onion, cilantro andf ried shallots... yummy), my sister made 'dadih' and 'pengat labu' and some orange cupcakes with cream cheese frosting I made the day before.

For the kids, we fried chicken nuggets, onion rings, keropok lekor and fries. I did bake my fav bread again, but this time I used my new rectangle pound cake mould. Nowadays, as the kids eats more than they used to, I hv to bake the bread (1/2) recipe twice a week..

The cake was beautiful (thanks to my sister), and my mother told me that while we were singing birthday song to Ammar, instead of saying 'Hppy Birthday to Ammar' he said slowly 'Happy Birthday to Adam'.. hehe... why I'm not suprised... Ammar got a bicycle from his grandpa and today, I caught him standing on the bike while both hands holding the armrest of the sofa... Kids... scarry...

On the evening the day before (Friday), my husband took the kids and my kid brother to Danga Bay. There was nobody else around, so they make full use of the place. The kids enjoyed the trip so much esp my eldest, that when it's time to go home, my husband had to carry him away from the place (he cried, of course..).

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