Thursday, October 8, 2009

Food In Pahang : Cameron Highland 2009

We spent a night at Cameron Highland on the way back from Raya holiday to KL. As it wasn't our 1st time visiting, we planned our visit this time really well. Went there on Thursday, so luckily we got a chance to experienced the night market. There were a lot of deep fried snack such as, calamari, prawns, mushrooms and lots more at the night market. After finished shopping at the night market, we went to a crowded small restaurant near our hotel called 'Orchid Restaurant' or something.. As it was full house, so we decided to go for something simple, we chosed 'Bihun Hong kong' (rice vercemilli). Suprisingly, the food taste excellent and the Teh tarik was great either.

The next morning, after we went for a tour around the highland, we stopped at 'Raju's Hill" for a Strawberry treats. We had Strawberry Ice Cream and Strawberry Milkshake. It was delicious, but had trouble finishing them as the weather was a bit cold.

On the way back down from the highland, we stopped for tea at the Cafe at the side of the road. There was 2 cafe there and we chosed the 1st cafe as the 2nd cafe was really packed w people. We had Scones (which costs us RM12), Chicken pie (RM4), Curry puff(RM3), Chocolate cake (RM8) and teh tarik (RM4 each). The food were expensive, but the scenery was breathtaking..
Can't wait to go back there again...

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