Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food in Johor : Mee Udang / Prawn Noodle; Tanjung Langsat

At the end of Pasir Gudang there's this place called Tanjung Langsat. Its at the end of Pasir gudang Industrial area & there is where recently our beloved Prime Minister official launched Technip's biggest subsea facility in South East Asia. Well, most people dont know there's a great place to have mee udang just near the place. The place is near to the left facing Technip.

The small restaurant/ warung situated by the sea . It has among the best Mee Udang I've ever tasted. The portion of the Mee Udang was quite a lot & it just costed me RM 4.50 for a dish.

Place : Tg Langsat

Thing I like the Most : Simple yet delicious meal with low cost :)

Setback : Sometimes open sometimes not.. Need to try my luck.

How to go?

Unfortunately i cannot tell you how to get there due to google map not yet register that place. But what i can tell you if you're going towards the end of Tg Langsat you'll meet a T-Junction which you can see Technip on the right & on the left there's a small road towards a village. The restaurant is in the village on the seaside. (The green marker shows where the end of the road)

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by Anak Langkawi

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