Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Food In Labuan : Labuan Evening Snack ~ Chicken Wing

Labuan is a small island but full of surprises. The most difficult part was to have good lunch during the day. But in the evening or at night there’s a lot of place to visit. Last time I’ve talk about Surrender Point chicken wing. But actually there’s another place closer to the town at Jalan Rancha-rancha in Kg Sg Keling.

This place was introduced by one of the contractor in Labuan. Not bad & I can it is at par with the chicken wing that I’ve been to in Surrender Point. The chicken was sweet & tender. I think they marinate It with honey. Nicely done.

Location: Can see from the roadside.
Price: RM2.00 per piece.
Nice Thing : Fast service.
Setback: Only tin can drink available.

p/s: Always look forward to go to Labuan due to this..

by anaklangkawi

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