Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food In Selangor : Big Plate, Subang

We always think that the journey to find good food always far & far away from where we live. But sometimes we're not aware that there are a lot of wonderful food nearby & sometimes it is just a few minutes drive from our home.

I always endure or love western food.To be is more specific for 'lambchop'. I must say that I'm a 'lambchop' lover. Whenever i heard or being recommend a great place to try lambchop I'll always on to it.

In Subang near the junction of Monteraz Golf Club there's actually a small shop lot of marvelous western food place called BIG PLATE. Its always among my favourite place to have my lambchop whenever i want to. The name of the Restaurant actually fits its dish. A big plate served with minimum of 3-4 pieces of lamb cutlet. With black paper souce & vege side dish. I always will come back home with a very full stomach.

Don't also forget to try the mushroom soup served in a bread (i dint know how to tell actually). The soup is a must try dish. My wife ordered Grilled Salmon which has a good presentation. But overall the taste is not as good as it looks. I ordered kiddies dish which was chicken cocktail with fries.

Location & Name : Big Plate near the junction of Golf Club Monteraz Subang

Price : A dish ranges from RM 15~18 (total for two person + 2 kids will be more than RM50 less than RM70).

Great Thing : Lambchop among the best & soup as well

Setback : Other dish not as good as it looks.

by anaklangkawi

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