Friday, January 1, 2010

Food In Labuan : Crab Heaven ~ Anjung Ketam

Who knows in a small island of Labuan there's a Heaven for crab lovers. Located about 15minutes drive from the main city center, the place is a great place to go. The place offers a splendid local crab dining experience. Simple tourist may not even have the chance to find the place by accident.

So what i recommend is for 1st timer thou should ask around for direction. A must try place. I will blog more about the place when i get the chance to go to Labuan again.

Restaurant Name :- Anjung Ketam

Price :- Quite cheap for a fresh crab.

Setback :- Make sure you go early. Around 7.00 pm due to the time difference on sunset in Labuan. If you get there late you might have to dine with the restaurant owner stacking chairs & sweeping the areas.

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