Sunday, January 10, 2010

Various Experience Having Food to Tell

This is what 1st Class MAS passenger eat. Honestly it was not so different enough from the normal class, just that the space is bigger. I'm one of the lucky ones being upgraded to 1st Class probably due to the seat for normal class was sold like hot cake.
A pleasant meal Lambchop at Residence Paka Terengganu. This is quite a memorable experience not due to the taste but because it is a farewell dinner for me.
Burger king China Brand. :). Well I've enjoyed this meal especially because there's nothing else i can eat. FYI, this is a fish burger & I'm having this in at Shanghai Airport. So disappointed when no chili available. Yup. They dint have chili. Only ketchup.

Very simple snack after my tiring day catching the crab in Langkawi. At that time i just catches the crab by 'pukat' & just boiled the crab as it is. Well, quite fresh, sweet taste with no artificial flavour. YOU SHOULD Try.

by anaklangkawi

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